3 May 2013

Rethinking Dead Monk’s Portfolio – Part 2

We are in process of making an annual assessment of our Dead Monk’s Portfolio. In our last post, we tried to questioning portfolio structure. We eventually arrived at a conclusion that Core-Satellite structure has worked for us and we are going to stick with it. But we have made slight adjustments to it. We now have a simpler SATELLITE structure. For more details about the new modified portfolio structure, please refer to this.

Do we need more dividend stocks?

In previous post, we mentioned that we might need to find new dividend stocks for the CORE of the portfolio. This was to stay prepared for possible exits from existing positions and to maintain the dividend income levels from the portfolio. We are almost through with our stock selection and we feel that inclusion of new dividend stocks may not be necessary at present. Reason? Apart from 5 stocks which will form our dividend core, the stocks forming part of the Large Cap Satellite themselves have decent dividend yields. Add to this the fact that a pick in Growth Oriented Satellite comes from energy sector and has recently announced a promising dividend policy.

We have chosen 13 stocks for DMP. Out of these 8 stocks have a known history of paying generous dividends to the shareholders.

dividend history
Dividend History

Do we need to have stocks from every sector?

The answer is a big NO!! The chosen 13 stocks belong to just 4 sectors. These are sectors and industries which we are comfortable with.

Energy – 4 companies
Chemicals – 1 company
Financials – 4 companies
FMCG – 2 companies
Others – 2 companies

sector allocation in stock portfolio
Sector Allocation

At present, we are not very comfortable with FMCG sector valuations. But we have still chosen 2 stocks from this sector because this is a portfolio, which can be kept for years, if not decades. But we do believe that currently, FMCG stocks are good businessesto buy, but not at current valuations.

Another thought which bothered us was that we regularly come out with list of stocks like 10 Stocks to buy in next market corrections & 13 Great Indian businesses. Wouldn’t it be a wise idea to have a few of those stocks in this portfolio? This concern has been addressed in the new portfolio and a number of stocks from these lists have found their way to Dead Monk’s Portfolio. :-)

We have intentionally not chosen specific stocks for cyclical section of the portfolio because these stocks would be bought and sold at regular intervals. We do not plan to hold them for decades at a stretch.

We would share the portfolio composition in our next post.

Dead Monk’s Disclaimer - As an investor, we can never eliminate the risk of being wrong.



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  2. Nothing to do with your post...Just read your interview on Safal Niveshak and a question popped into my mind...Who's the "we" that you always refer to while writing on Stable Investor ..Is your future bride also part of your investing team ?:)..If so, that's a great team to be in :D

  3. @N

    This might be of help :-)

  4. Nice,thank you....Also maybe you can start doing a series of posts on your individual stock picks...I know you have reiterated your stock portfolio philosophy,but not yet addressed the strengths and weaknesses of your individual stock picks..you know, the reasons why you considered that company to be a good choice in your DMP...

  5. I know you have done case studies of ONGC,SAIL etc, but more interested in picks like BHEL,NTPC,Clariant,Yes Bank etc..

  6. @Nishanth Muralidhar

    We have done a bit on Clariant -

    We are actually looking to come out with an updated list of stocks for DMP. The reason for updation is new developments, new learnings and our own mistakes in assumptions. :-)
    But we would definitely try to come up with more individual stock related posts.

  7. @N

    Will try to do it in future :-)

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